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I was in a relationship for almost three years, We were working on the same company but not on the same building. She was on night shift, i’m on morning. I got promoted and it took me almost three months to adjust the new work load, schedule, task, etc. While I was busy, she also attended a fire brigade training. We seldom date. When i have problems, i talk to her but we always argue because of different opinions. One she called me and said she wanted a break up. That night, i wasn’t able to sleep. I realized everything that i didn’t have time for her and didn’t have time to care for her anymore, it was my fault.. We talked, i asked her the reasons why it has to end. I cried and the heartbreak was unbareable. I reached out for one week visiting her everyday in her house. The first week all i see was a cold and frozen heart. Like a heart made of stone. No feelings anymore. Until a friend of mine introduced me to DOCTOR ISIBOR, he is indeed a great and mighty man,he is true to his words and down to earth despite his unimaginable powers,he told me what to do and everything went as planned, my lover came back to me begging and settled with me and was happy again becayse of the reunion. I will forever be greatful to him, you can contact him on his emai @ [email protected], or watsapp him via his number +2348138900575, or through his website,website: ...